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05.Jul.13 05:59 1
Hello titan ,,,

-i got banned on hgs chernarus life server

- last time is today 5\1\2013

-reason i dont know why im banned ?  when i join to the server its say you were banned ??? idk why

- im very good player and i was playing long time on this server and this the secound time i got banned for no reaon ,,,, you can ask your admins about me im very good player and im never hacking\cheating....

thanks titan ,,, and i hope to get unbann me please


Newbie LVL 1
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21.Dec.12 19:26 2
Hi Titan,
I have posted this on regular forums but cant seem to get any response.
Here goes:

Few days ago me and my friends got banned from the HGS chernarus life server on arma 2.
We did not get banned by any admin but by a hacker who hacked into the server (nothing new) and destroyed the game for everyone.
I reckon everyone got kicked off the server and banned.

Im not even sure im really "banned" but when I and my friend join the game we both get to the screen when you select team (blu or civ) but it shows that all players are unteamed (gray) and we are unable to chose a side. After a while we get kicked off saying something along the lines of "server timed out".
I tried connecting with another IP on the same computer and that works fine with the same player profiled so it is not the game installation or computer that are bugged.
Please help us, we love the game :(

Our profiled are
Me: Teddy Two fingers, Cpt. Hindsight (cand remember with what profile I played at that moment)
Friend: Tommy Joned, Slipper neck (he cant either)

Thanks for everything and keep up the game, we love it <3

(officer) Weberg

Newbie LVL 4
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17.Sep.12 15:06 3
hey titan! can you pleas give me my police star? i has waited for it in three weeks... i realy want it Smile THANKS!

                                                   from (officer) Weberg Verwirrend


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16.Aug.12 07:50 4
Titan i believe i got banned on your server quite long ago because i cant seem to connect i get kicked everytime and i think i deserve another chance its the 1st time i i have broke rules (if accidentally running over someone doesnt count) i was bored and tyred and i was going to abort as soon as i was going to do this so for one last piece of satisfaction out of your brilliant revo server and the gun license was broken i shot one guy with the hired gun it was 1st time i broke rules i didnt even get warning i didnt think about the rules at the time wont happen again. thanks my ID is 647.


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29.Dec.11 21:56 5
Hey Titan!
I got banned about 5 months ago from your server.
Can I get unbanned? I got banned for hacking but im not noob gamehack. :)
My player ID: 13236422

(Im playing by name Hecu)
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